What is the typical process for creating a documentary with VISIOLAB?

The typical process for creating a documentary with VISIOLAB involves a few key stages:

Consultation and Planning: Firstly, we’ll organize a meeting where we’ll discuss the themes and objectives of your documentary. Together, we’ll outline the key messages, purpose, format, and duration needed to deliver your message.

Scripting and Storyboarding: Next, our pre-production team will develop a compelling script and visual storyboard. This is usually the lengthiest part of the process, as we’ll do everything to make sure we tell your story right.

Production: We handle all aspects of video production, including filming, editing, motion graphics, and any required post-production enhancements.

Review and Feedback: You can review the drafts and provide feedback, ensuring the documentary aligns with your vision. If you think a certain scene must be changed or a certain audio must be cut out, this is when you must tell us.

Finalization and Delivery: Upon incorporating feedback, we finalize the documentary and deliver it in the desired format.

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