Corporate Videos 101: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Brand

Recently, many corporations have been striving to create the best corporate video for their image and brand. But what exactly is a corporate video? Fear not, as we’ll cover everything you need to know about corporate videos in this article.

Corporate Videos 101: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Brand

What is a Corporate Video?

Firstly, a corporate video is a video commissioned by corporations to raise awareness about their brand, company, or products. It represents the company and is used for marketing, branding, and any internal or external communications.  

What differentiates corporate videos from other forms of videos is that its tailor-made for businesses and organizations. Corporate videos are created solely with the idea of raising brand awareness or showcasing a new product or service in mind, differing from other types of videos like documentaries and commercials. They stand apart with their distinctive colour palettes, royalty-free music, and carefully curated visual elements. While commercials and music videos can be colourful and sleek, corporate videos are polished with professionalism.  

Why is a Corporate Video a Game-Changer for My Business?

In the words of a Malay proverb, “tak kenal maka tak cinta” (you can’t love what you don’t know). You can’t love a person that you don’t know, and the essence of this phrase extends to brands. Corporate videos serve as the bridge between your brand’s narrative and consumer connection. Through these videos, brands can give the audience information about their product or service, and with the right storytelling, they can form an emotional connection with the target audience.

A recent study proves that 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands. The more one sees the corporate video of the brand, the more they are likely to check it out. These videos serve as a form of indirect communication between the brand and the consumer, and they also indirectly build consumer’s trust. An effective corporate video will help your brand rank high on both search engines and social medias, as their algorithm mainly prioritizes video content. Produce the right corporate video and it’ll appear on the first page of Google.

The Difference between Corporate Videos and Commercials

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t both commercials and corporate videos used for marketing? Although they both serve the same purpose, there are a few key differences that you should take note of.

Corporate videos mainly talk about the heart of the company: what they do, why they do it, and their mission, vision, and ethos. They’re not just about a specific product or service offered by the company, but about why they came up with the said product or service. In other words, they sell the image of the entire company and make you invested in their work and culture.

Commercials, on the other hand, are all about creating a buzz for a new product and service. While a company can make both corporate videos and commercials to build their brand awareness, commercials are more about why you should buy a certain product or service and tend to be a bit temporary. Don’t get us wrong: commercials are great, but they serve a different goal and direction.  

If you’re still confused about which type of video is best for your business, we’ll list out the pros and cons:

Corporate Videos Commercials
  • Brand-focused
  • Educate the audience about your brand
  • A direct mirror to what your brand is about
  • A long-term investment
  • Indirect marketing
  • Consumer-focused
  • Boost awareness about your brand
  • Directly make people buy your product or service
  • Risky and competitive
  • Temporary

How do I make a Corporate Video?

Step 1: Build clear goals in your mind.

When making any type of video, ask yourself: why do I want to make this video? What good will it do for my company?

Every successful corporate video is one that comes from the heart. Put yourself in the target audience’s shoes and decide on what you want your target audience to do and feel after watching your video.

Also, don’t forget to determine the desired length and pace for your corporate video. This will come in handy when calculating the budget.    

Step 2: Visualize the angle of your story.

Write down the goal of the video and what you wish for it to achieve. Do you want to showcase your brand’s role in keeping an eco-friendly setting or tell an inspiring origin story about the background of the company? Establish what angle the company needs vs what it wants. This will seem difficult at first and it’s important to communicate clearly with the team.

Next, collaborate with your creative team to outline a compelling beginning, middle, and ending. Discuss the obstacles to highlight and the success stories to show. Will the script be fully narrated, or will it include snippets of interviews?  

Once the script is complete, visualize the video by creating a storyboard or mood board inspired by other corporate videos available online. This will be important for shooting and editing.

Step 3: Choose the cast.

Find the suitable actors for your corporate video. The actors can’t be too stoic, and they can’t be too dramatic either. It’s better if you have an employee who’s comfortable in front of the camera, as casting your own employee will make the video seem more authentic.

Step 4: Shoot the video.

With the cast finalized and a production schedule in place, it’s time to shoot your corporate video. As mentioned in Step 2, refer to the storyboard to guide shot composition. Ensure crystal clear audio and adjust the lighting until everything looks right. When filming, make sure you capture enough B-rolls as they play an important role in smooth transitions.  

While extra footage isn’t necessary, deleting extra shots is preferable to having insufficient shots, which could disrupt your production schedule and budget.

Also, don’t forget to back up your files into a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.  

Step 5: Edit into perfection.

First drafts don’t have to be perfect. Assemble the shots, incorporate seamless transitions, and add soundscapes to the footage, whether through voiceover narrations, interview audio, or simply royalty-free music. Remember, sound design can make a real difference.

If possible, add subtitles or closed captions for a more inclusive experience. Many viewers watch videos without sound, and those with hearing disabilities will appreciate the effort to convey the story visually.


Making corporate videos require a lot of technical proficiency and creative collaboration. No matter the length of the video, a lot of your time will be dedicated to planning and preparation. At VISIOLAB, we specialize in curating seamless corporate videos—from meticulous planning to flawless execution.  

Ready to elevate your brand with visual storytelling? Reach out to VISIOLAB, and let’s transform your brand narrative into a captivating corporate video.

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