Explainer Videos: Why They’re Popular and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever tried explaining a complex topic to a friend or a coworker, only to find it challenging to keep it under five minutes? Or, has someone tried explaining something to you, and all you can do is scratch your head? This is when you’ll need the help of an explainer video—a concise yet comprehensive solution to simplify complex concepts. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about explainer videos and why so many businesses are uploading them on YouTube.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short-form video that focuses on explaining a concept, product, or business. It boils everything down into simpler ideas that are easy to digest. Explainer videos can be used to educate the public and are also a great marketing tool. Studies show that 96% of people watch an explainer video to learn more about a certain product or service.  

Why are Explainer Videos So Popular?

To answer your question, explainer videos have been growing in demand because of their engaging video and audio elements. Most explainer videos consist of colourful and fluid animation, and it’s hard to deny that they grab your attention. The vibrant imagery and the friendly narrations are what make explainer videos appeal to audiences of all ages.

There’s also a science behind explainer videos. A theory of cognition known as the dual-coding theory suggests that using different types of stimuli help us encode knowledge in our brains, facilitating easier recall. In simpler terms, the incorporation of both audio and visual elements enhances information retention. Cool, right?

The Dos and Don’ts of Explainer Videos

Now that you know why everyone wants to produce an explainer video, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of an explainer video. We’ll include some whys too.

DO keep it short and sweet. Aim for brevity. Most effective explainer videos are between 60 to 120 seconds. Why? Shorter videos not only align with the modern attention span but also cater to the fast-paced nature of online content consumption. Keeping it brief enhances the likelihood of viewers retaining the key message.

DO understand your target audience. Tailor your content to your target audience's preferences, interests, and pain points. Why? Crafting content that speaks directly to your audience fosters a sense of connection. Understanding their needs allows you to create an explainer video that not only informs but also resonates on a personal level.

DO use professional voiceover. Invest in high-quality voiceover work that matches your brand and is easy to understand. Why? The voiceover is the auditory face of your brand in the video. High-quality narration not only enhances professionalism but also ensures that the message is conveyed clearly.  

DO incorporate visually appealing graphics. Use clear and visually appealing graphics that complement your brand. As mentioned before, visuals are a powerful tool in conveying information and maintaining viewer interest. Choosing graphics that are clear, aesthetically pleasing, and brand-aligned helps in capturing and retaining viewer attention.

DO include a strong call-to-action (CTA). Whether it's visiting a website, signing up, or making a purchase, make the next steps clear. Why? Because clearly stating the desired action empowers viewers to take the next step, contributing to your overall marketing objectives.

Now, for the don’ts.

DON’T inflate your script like a balloon. What we mean is, don’t clutter the script with too much information. Why? It will dilute the core message and leave viewers overwhelmed, causing disengagement and zoning out. A focused and streamlined script ensures that each piece of information is absorbed effectively.

DON’T use complex language. Why? Because not everyone knows the meaning of every single word. Else, the dictionary wouldn’t exist. Using language that is easily understood ensures that your message reaches a broader audience and increases the video's impact.

DON’T make your video too serious. An explainer video is unique because it balances formality and fun. Why? Because a touch of humour or a less formal approach can make your video memorable and relatable. It humanizes your brand and keeps viewers engaged.

DON’T neglect brand consistency. Never stray from your brand guidelines. Consistency in visuals, colours, fonts, and overall style across all brand materials, including explainer videos, helps build and reinforce brand recognition. Viewers should instantly associate the video with your brand.

By adhering to these dos and don'ts, you'll be on the right track to creating an engaging and effective explainer video that resonates with your audience.

The Secret Recipe to a Great Explainer Video

VISIOLAB produces a lot of explainer videos, but we’re not afraid to share with you our secret recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Without further ado, here’s the foolproof formula for creating a great explainer video.


1 clear script

1 sharp storyboard

½ royalty-free music

½ sound effects

2 cameras and sound equipment

¼ revisions


  1. Combine a clear script with a deep understanding of your audience.
  2. Blend the script and visuals in a cohesive storyboard.
  3. Add music and sound effects strategically for an engaging auditory experience.
  4. Cook in the video production process, following each pre-production, production, and post-production step.
  5. Test the draft, gather feedback, and season with necessary revisions.
  6. Finalize the video until it shines and plan its distribution strategy.
  7. Regularly review and gather input from team and audience for continuous improvement.

Chef’s Tip: Flexibility is key. Taste-test throughout the process and adjust accordingly for a video that delights every viewer.


An explainer video is an effective way to deliver a message that a business or organization needs to communicate. With a precise plan and creativity, you can produce an explainer video that will help your audience understand your message.  

VISIOLAB is your trusted partner in visual storytelling. With a team dedicated to planning, producing, and polishing every detail, we ensure that your explainer video not only communicates but resonates with your audience.

Reach out to us now and let us help you showcase your message to the world!

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