Quiz: Is Your Explainer Video Explaining Enough?

In this era of technology, everyone wants to keep their ears on the ground and educate themselves about a lot of matters. Explainer videos are just the right tool to do that, hence why there are over 10,000+ explainer videos on YouTube right now. We’ve listed out what makes an explainer video an explainer video before, and now we’ll help you find out if your explainer video is explaining enough.

Quiz: Is Your Explainer Video Explaining Enough?

Question 1: Does your explainer video have a clear and well-defined explanatory aim?

  1. Yes, the aim is clear.
  1. The aim is somewhat clear.
  1. There is no identifiable aim.

Question 2: Are the objectives of your video evident and achievable?

  1. Yes, the objectives are clear.
  1. The objectives are somewhat clear.
  1. I don’t think there’s a clear objective.

Question 3: How long is your explainer video?

  1. 2-5 minutes
  1. 5-7 minutes
  1. 10 minutes

Question 4: How’s the language used in the explainer video?

  1. A few words are foreign, like the scientific terms used, but the rest are simple and easy.
  1. A five-year-old can understand it.
  1. You’ll need a dictionary beside you when watching the video.

Question 5: Does the video have a Call-to-Action at the beginning and at the end of the video?

  1. Yes, there’s a CTA at the beginning and end of the video.
  1. There’s only one CTA at the beginning/end of the video.
  1. There’s no CTA/The CTA is in the middle of the video.

Question 6: Does your video introduce a problem and conclude with a solution?

  1. Yes, both the problem and the solution are in the video.
  1. There’s only the problem/There’s only the solution.
  1. It jumps straight to the solution.

Question 7: Does your explainer video follow a plot structure? (Think: Three-Act Structure, Freytag’s Pyramid, etc.)

  1. Yes, it has at least a beginning, middle, climax, and ending.
  1. No, it only has a beginning and an ending. There’s no downfall in the middle of the video.
  1. What’s a plot structure?

Question 8: Have you included subtitles or closed captions to make the video accessible to a wider audience?

  1. Yes, incorporating subtitles or closed captions enhances accessibility, catering to a broader audience.
  1. Subtitles are selectively used for crucial information, ensuring accessibility without overwhelming the visuals.
  1. Sorry, but there are no subtitles and closed captions included.

Quiz Results:

Mostly A’s: Your Explainer Video is Good!

Congratulations! Your explainer video seems to effectively convey your message. It engages viewers and provides a clear understanding of the subject. Keep up the good work!

Mostly B’s: Your Video is Great, But Needs More Work

Your video has potential, but there's room for improvement. Consider revisiting certain aspects like clarity, engagement, or content structure to enhance its effectiveness.

Mostly C’s: There’s an Idea, But It Requires Attention

It seems your video might need some adjustments. Take a closer look at various elements such as content, visuals, or pacing to ensure it effectively communicates your message. Check out our post about the dos and don'ts about explainer videos.


Creating an effective explainer video requires a delicate balance of clarity, engagement, and strategic communication. Whether you received mostly As, Bs, or Cs in this quiz, remember that continuous improvement is the key. Keep refining your approach, considering your audience, and incorporating feedback to ensure your explainer videos consistently deliver impact and resonate with your viewers. Happy storytelling!

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