The project aimed to create multimedia components: an animated presentation deck and a professionally edited video interview for ValuingIP's product launch at KL Convention Center, KLCC.

Project Overview

  • Tight deadlines and a two-week timeframe before the event
  • Synchronization of the presentation with the client's script
  • Ensuring the right timing for all animations
  • Verbal presentation of main points by the client while a switcher clicks on the screen
  • On-site adjustments required for the presentation
  • PIC stationed in the client's office and on-site during full rehearsal for immediate changes
  • Difficulty in setting the interviewee's timing due to their tight schedule
  • Project team worked diligently to overcome challenges and deliver a successful multimedia presentation for the event
  • Project Challenges

    First, it was essential to thoroughly understand the client's brief and requirements. This understanding formed the foundation for the project's direction.

    Close collaboration with the client was a key aspect of the strategy. Regular communication and feedback loops were established to ensure that their needs and expectations were met throughout the project.

    To maintain a structured workflow, deadlines were set for the client to provide all the necessary information. Concurrently, the team set their own internal deadlines to deliver draft versions of the work, allowing for revisions and adjustments.

    During rehearsals, a meticulous monitoring process was implemented. This involved closely scrutinizing all the information and animations to ensure they synchronized seamlessly with the overall presentation.

    Project Strategy

    Pre & Production:

    • For the video component, a videographer and director were stationed at the stakeholder's office during the shoot. This ensured seamless coordination and capture of the required footage.
    • The presentation deck had a dedicated designer stationed at the client's office for one day. This allowed for real-time collaboration and efficient design adjustments.

    Rehearsal Day:

    • A project in charge (PIC) was present during the presentation rehearsal to oversee the process and address any issues that arose.
    • On-site changes to the presentation were made as necessary, ensuring that it aligned with the client's expectations and requirements.
    • The rehearsal continued until all elements of the presentation ran smoothly, guaranteeing a polished final delivery.

    Project Execution

    The Results

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    Behind the Scenes
    To protect our client's confidentiality, we are not able to display all parts of our artwork.
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    • Sapura SST Corporate Video
    • Velum Labs' V-Dark Launch Sequence with the Prime Minister of Malaysia
    • Sapura Logo Animation
    • Sapura's Tagline Loop Animation
    • Velum Labs Logo Animation
    • Digital Backdrops for MoU/MoA signings
    • 1-week Media Coverage
    • Same-Day Edit Reels Video
    • Momento / Memorabilia
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    As an interdisciplinary vendor that truly understands Sapura's nature of business, we have worked as an extension of their team and managed to successfully execute the deliverables in a relatively small window, with critically high expectations. Since the event was held in Langkawi, we had to plan and mobilize solutions with consideration of time and distance, and no room for errors.

    With a new business under its wings, we have spent a fair share of time planning in the pre-production/discovery stage, as well as being available on-demand on-site for last-minute edits for multiple layers of approvals and testing, ensuring that the end-product runs smoothly without any hiccups.

    Project Strategy

    Our team of 7 mobilized to Langkawi several days before the event, each with their own roles:

    • Managing Director cum Producer/Editor
    • Director of Creative & Innovations cum Editor
    • Director of Operations cum Official Photographer
    • Director of Business Development
    • Director of Photography (Events Highlight)
    • Videographer cum Editor (Vertical)
    • Videographer cum Motion Graphic Editor
    Project Execution

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    Our scope during this event covers,


    • Event & Production Planning - Rundown
    • Event & Guest Management - Online RSVP Database & Automation
    • Vendors Management - Hotel, Audio Visuals, 360º Photobooth, Hollywood Runway
    • Social Media Content Planning
    • Visual Production - Digital Backdrop, Teasers, Stinger and Playback Videos
    • Media & Print Collaterals
    • Merchandise Design - Custom TnG NFC Card

    During Event

    • Stage Management - Usher & Scholars Lineup
    • Guests Management - QR-based Registration, Table Arrangements
    • Multi-Camera Production
    • Audio, Visual, & Lighting Production
    • Media Coverage - Photo & Video


    • Event Highlight - Photo & Video
    Project Challenges
    Project Strategy
    The Results

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